Terms and conditions of booking

Terms and conditions of booking



1. Booking methods


Afterward to a request of availability from you, we will send you Our best offer. Subsequently at your willingness to book, we will send you a confirmation of availability by email, with a summary of total of stay, the services included and the bank details where you must pouring the confirmatory deposit equal to 50% of the total stay to guarantee the reservation (Art. 1385 Italian Civil Code).


The accomodation is meant exclusively confirmed with receiving on Our part of the confirmatory deposit, we will send you a confirmation by email when we received it.


The non-payment of the confirmatory deposit within 3 days of the sending of the confirmation of availability, is reason to be deprived of the right of reservation (except as otherwise agreed between the parties).


It's required to send us by email copy of the accounting of the payment.


In case the time of booking is concomitant with the arrival date (usually 96 hours before) will not be required to pouring the confirmatory deposit, but will be necessary only a confirmation by Us by email or phone.



2. Check-in time and Check-out time


Check-in: starts from h. 03:00 P.M. on the day of arrival.


If the Lords will arrive at B&B before h. 03:00 P.M. and the accomodation will be not ready, they can leave their luggage in Our property, looking forward to the delivery of the accomodation.


Wherever possible, if the accomodation will be ready before the established check-in time, we will glad to delivery the accomodation right away.


Is appreciated a notice by you about your arrival time or delays.


Check-out: no later than h. 10.00 A.M. on the day of departure.



3. Formalities to be completed on arrival


Upon arrival, the guest and all the group members, will have to present a ID or Driving License or Passport currently valid to allow us to carry out the Communication of the guests accommodated to the Public Security organs as required by current legislation.


The non-observance and / or the refusal of this obligation, as well as not being in possession of valid documents and / or currently valid, it constitutes violation of the norms of the Italian Penal Code and it involves no possibility of staying at our property and the simultaneous immediate expulsion from the property.


The rooms, as well as the keys to access to the accomodation booked, can not be handed over in advance of the completion of identification of the Guests.


The keys must be necessarily handed over to your check-out. If this does not happen, we will be obliged to charge a fee of € 30,00 for each missing key.


The data of our guests are processed in accordance with applicable legislation on privacy.


It is strictly forbidden to receive visits and / or introduce more guests other than those residing therein without prior request and eventual authorization by the landlord.


The balance of the stay booked, net of any deposit already paid, must be paid on arrival at the hotel by cash (until the amount of € 4'999,99) or circular check payable to Privitera Massimo (no checks on current accounts). Credit or debit cards are not accepted, as we are without a POS.


City tax equal to € 1,00 per person per night, must be paid at the arrival. Children under 10 years old are exempt.



4. Number of people - Animals


The number of people, including children, who stay in the facility may not be higher than that stated in the booking, it is necessary a prior request and eventual authorization by the landlord.


If upon arrival it is found a higher number of people than stated in the booking, we reserve the right to terminate the reservation.


Small pets can be allowed upon discretionary authorization, if is found on arrival the presence of animals not declared and eventual authorizated at time of booking, we reserve the right to terminate the reservation. Pets costs € 100 each per week, these must be regularly vaccinated and provided with insurance for damages to third parties.


5. Cleaning and linen changes


The accomodations are handed over clean and tidy, household appliances perfectly working.


The tenant is obliged to use furniture and appliances with the diligence of a good family man.


It is compulsory for the tenant to hand over the accomodation at the chek-out with dishes, kitchenware, pots, accurately washed and dried. If that is not, will be deducted the sum of € 50 from the deposit.


It's required a caution deposit against damages, for each individual accommodation, amounting to € 50 up to 2 persons, € 100 up to 4 people, € 150 up to 6 people, € 200 up to 8 people.

The deposit must be paid in cash upon arrival, that will be returned upon departure of the tenant, subject to verification of the furnishings and appliances, except for any deductions for damages caused by negligence and / or carelessness.


The non payment of the deposit, even if partial, is reason for the termination of booking.


Sheets and towels are not included in the price, unless otherwise specified.


The cost is € 15 per person per each change of sheets and € 15 per person per each change of towels.

 Upon arrival will be provided written instructions about how to do the waste selection.

The incorrect and / or no waste separation will result in the deduction of € 50 from the deposit.


Available for Our guests for free, beach umbrella and coolbag, that you please be treated with care.



6. Cancellation / annulation, no show, delayed arrival, early departure, over booking, rescinding the reservation, termination of the booking, transfer of booking, change your reservation.


Cancellation / annulation:

In case of cancellation / annulation of the booking between 59 days and 1 day prior the day of arrival, the confirmatory deposit paid will be fully withhold.

In case of cancellation / annulation of the booking up to 60 days prior the day of arrival, the confirmatory deposit paid will be fully refunded net of bank charges for the bank transfer.



No Show:

In case of No Show no later than h. 07.00 P.M. on the day of arrival, without any communication from Guests about possible delays, we reserve the right to terminate the reservation and the right to resell the room. In case of No Show the confirmatory deposit paid will be fully withhold.



Delayed arrival:

In case of delayed arrival of the Guest compared to the date stated in the reservation, it is required to the Guest, to pay the overall amount of the booked services that have been reserved even if unexpended.



Early departure:

In case of early departure of the Guest compared to the date stated in the reservation, it is required to the Guest, to pay the overall amount of the booked services that have been reserved even if unexpended.



Over booking:

In unforeseeable circumstances of overbooking, commercial practice, however, we are not used to, we will warn the Guest and find an equivalent alternative solution with a similar structure, at the same fare applied by Us, any tariff differences compared with the agreed fees according to the booking will be on Our charge. If the Guest does not accept no alternatives solutions proposed, he/she will be refunded him the confirmatory deposit already paid, and he/she has not nothing more to expect by Us.



Transfer of booking:

Is Guest's faculty, if it is unable to appear at arrival, transfer the right of reservation already acquired, as long as the transfer is at cost price (excluding any profit) and the transferee meets all the terms and conditions agreed for the stay; in this case it will be the transferor to notify promptly at the landlord the successful transfer and all the details (name, surname, phone, email address) of the transferee.The transfer not communicated to the landlord is meant a no-show.



Change your reservation:

The requests of change about confirmed reservations, in order to adding guests, change of arrival date or departure date, must be notified by email, the changes are subject to the availability of the facility and to eventual recalculation of the cost of stay and should receive an eventual authorization by the landlord.



Not refundable” bookings:

For “Not refundable” bookings it's requested at the time of booking a total pre-payment equal to 100% of the total of stay. The payment must be done by bank transfer within 5 days of the sending of the confirmation of availability. In case of changes, cancellation, late arrival, early departure, no show will be fully withhold the 100% of the amount paid.



Rescinding the reservation:

In case of rescinding the reservation by Us, the Guest will be refunded twice of the confirmatory deposit already paid.



Termination of the booking:

In case of termination of the booking by Us, for Guest's breach to one or more of the conditions specified in the present document, the confirmatory deposit paid will be fully withhold.



Special conditions for cancellation policies due to Covid-19:

If, due to national and / or regional regulatory provisions which have occurred, interregional travel is prohibited for the dates indicated in the booking, free cancellation will be granted even if this occurs during the penalty period, the same applies in the event of a duly certified coronavirus positivity of the booker during the 10 days prior the arrival.


The confirmatory deposit already paid may be refunded in accordance with the provisions of Article 88 of Italian Law Decree no. 18 of 2020 and article 28 of Italian Law Decree no. 9 of 2020, by means of a 12-month voucher. For all other cases, the relevant cancellation conditions are valid.



During the stay:

Because we care about the satisfaction of our Welcome Guests, please manifest immediately any needs and / or problems about your stay, so that we can make your living as pleasant as possible.


It is absolutely not allowed to smoke inside the accomodations. Is only possible in the appropriate outdoor spaces.



7. Objects forgotten at departure:


We pray Our Guests, if they forget personal effects at departure, to promptly notify to the landlord. The objects found will be kept for a period of 6 months, except for underwear. The objects found can be shipped to your home address with expenses of shipping at your charge.



8. Special requests and health issues


We pray Our Guests to advise prior to confirmation of reservation about any walking problems. We will evaluate whether we can satisfy your needs or not.


For any other special requests, please mention it before the confirmation of booking, we will try to satisfy your needs.


The requests are subject to eventual authorization by the landlord, the fact that the request has been notified or dispatched or included in the special requests, it does not confirm that such request will be satisfied.



9. Court of jurisdiction


For any legal disputes the competent court of jurisdiction is Cagliari.


The reservation irrespective of the method it was concluded (by email, phone) involves the knowledge and acceptance without reserve or exceptions of the terms and bookings conditions. If any conditions of this contract be or become invalid, or if in this contract there should be a gap, the validity of the remaining conditions can not be called into question.



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